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Looking for advanced & fast ecommerce platform for your business? Schedule Demo

Looking for advanced & fast ecommerce platform for your business? Schedule Demo

CommerceUp Platform

With fast paced ecommerce industry, Online shoppers want more companies to have the same level of service as leading ecommerce companies do. CommerceUp works on latest technologies to support scalable business.

Catalogue Management

Create and manage your catalogue to be available across sales channels

    Product Management
  • Easy and fast product listing
  • Product page with a photo gallery (drag-and-drop)
  • Add products with multiple variants
  • Detailed specification of products
  • Mark Returnable, Sellable
  • Tag brands and categories of product
  • Add SEO details of product
  • Filter out products by categories, brands, stock status
  • Realtime inventory sync
  • Realtime product updates on store
    Categories & Collections
  • Tag categories of products
  • Make collections on demand with coverimage to show on product listing page
  • Tag brands of products and make brand products pages on store
  • Reorder products in collections
  • Bulk edit category products
    Bulk Import
  • Upload any format CSV of products
  • Map your uploaded csv fields to commerceup fields
  • Save mapping for future use
  • Update exisitng products in bulk
  • Check logs and status of your bulk upload
  • Export your products in bulk
    Attributes & Filters
  • Add unlimited attributes to products
  • Make attribute based on text, color or pattern
  • Select attributes to show in search filters
  • Upload size charts based on categories

Order Management

Manage your orders from multiple sales channels at one place

  • Filter out order based on status
  • Realtime inventory sync
  • Fetch orders from website, apps and marketplaces
  • Set order status and send email & sms to customers for order updates
  • Create manual order
  • Simple invoice generation
  • Connect to ERP Modules
  • Filter order based on source : Mobile web, web, apps or manual
  • Automate shipment of orders via shipment gateways

Customers Management

Manage your customers from all sales channels at one place

  • Filter out customers on basis of source and registratiin type
  • Check user activity and behaviour on your online store
  • Manage reviews published by customers
  • Export users details in bulk
  • Manage devices registered on online store
  • Send promotional SMS and Notifications to your customers
  • Newsletter subscribers
  • Provide discounts to particular customers

Design & Appearence

Design your store with multiple widgets and cards easily.

  • Intuitive tools for designing the store
  • Widgets based design for different businesses
  • Predefined themes of selected widgets for easily getting started
  • Edit themes with color and fonts
  • One design tool for your website and apps
  • Deep customization for toolbar, menu, footer and home page
  • Design multiple catalog pages for your different categories to provide enriched experience
  • Upload images for desktop and mobile separately
  • Link your widgets items easily by drop down feature
  • Advanced html customization available for enterprise

Blogs & Content

Design your store with multiple widgets and cards easily.

  • Create blogs
  • Create static pages
  • Create catalog pages


Design your store with multiple widgets and cards easily.

  • Create public or private coupons with percentage or flat discounts.
  • Coupons can be applied on product level, categories level, brand level or cart level.
  • Create time based percentage or flat discount on product, category and brand level.
  • Apply conditional offers for Buy this and Get this on product basis.
  • Send push notifications to your customers on web and mobile apps
  • Subscribe to newsletters from website
  • Sell products on Google shopping, Facebook & Amazon.
  • Easy catalogue feed optimization for Google merchant center and facebook shop
  • Show related products and recommendations on product detail page
  • Award your loyal customers for free shipping
  • Deep search engine optimization tools for managing product keywords and other details

Multi Store

Get your store global with localization and currency conversion support

  • Manual & automatic localization support
  • Automatic currency conversion support
  • Separate home page for localized store
  • Create Multi Vendor marketplace


Built on web's leading open source technologies

  • Backend : Node Js Framework.
  • Frontend : Angular 8+
  • Database : Mongo & Redis
  • Search : Elastic Search
  • Architecture : AWS Services