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Content syndication and Feed Management

Manage your products data from where it is to where it needs to be

Import your product content from multiple sources (Magento, csv, google spreadsheets, custom api)
Map your feed fields with commerceup fields and schedule importer for automated process
Analyze & Optimize feed on basis of analysis report and edit product data with bulk edits
Choose from multiple destinations to export feed and schedule for automated process

Product management has never been this easy

Easily collect, structure and standardize product data – regardless of the source or format.
Independently fix critical errors and improve your feed quality with a clear data overview, bulk edits, automated rules and not a single line of code.

Data Import

You can pull products directly from your system via Notation Api connection Plugin, Our system can already connect directly to shop system listed above.
Set up schedules for your product data to be imported automatically. Auto importer makes it super easy.
Using CSV you can manually map your fields with Notation Commerce fields and you can auto fix errors. Drag and drop functionality allows you to edit and adjust the mapping the way you like.

Data Analyze

Gain a general health status of your entire feed or analyze the data of specific attribute columns.
Key product features missing in title

e.g. Colour missing

Title length

e.g. Google sets a 70 character limit

Incorrect data formats

e.g. Price column: wrong: 100₹, right: 100

Capital letters wrong

e.g.: LEVI’S Blue JEANS; correct: Levi’s Blue Jeans

Brand missing

Image Url has no host

Data Edit

Remove double white spaces

before: Levi’s slim Men’s blue jeans is a top selling…

after: Levi’s slim Men’s blue jeans is a top selling…

Fix and decode HTML


Levi’s slim Men’s blue jeans is a top selling

after:Levi’s slim Men’s blue jeans is a top selling

Fill empty fields with relevant information

e.g. Image missing,brand name missing, etc

Search & replace a value

e.g. “Available” must be replaced with “In Stock”

Create new product attribute based on existing data.

Save time and Grow sales